Artist Bio

Troy Stith is a self-taught artist born and raised in Columbus, OH. He currently resides in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, OR. Relocating there after a 100-day road trip, hiking and camping across America. From the lush forests of Cascadia, the bubbling pools of Yellowstone National Park and backpacking in the painted dessert, the time he spent immersed in natural surroundings has heavily influenced his latest work. Having included natural elements before, his new work blossoms with energy and life.  From monotone fungus inspired portraits capturing the basis of all life to fully bloomed and colorful cerebral landscapes. 

Troy aims to capture the frenetic energy of the natural world and how that impacts and morphs the human existence. His expressive marks of oil on wood panels are fueled by exploring his feelings and memories through his subconscious self-portraits. Each painting is a separate meditation into a distinct memory of time, place, feeling and energy. As Troy applies paint in both heavy and thin layers as he explores the oily abyss for his intuitive subjects. 

Embracing the unconscious creation of his paintings, Troy continually searches the ever-morphing shapes for subjects as they ghost into existence. When a connection is made, the subjects begin to take form and flesh out the subconscious self-portrait. Although many natural elements make up his portraits, the meaning behind them isn't always on the surface. Mushrooms become symbols of the interconnected neural networks of nature and thought. 

Troy approaches oil painting with a light and fluid movement creating soft, organic shapes.